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We provide simple, profitable, and effective legal solutions to complicated business situations. Our operation is based on our firm’s dedication to professionalism and thorough attention to detail, focusing on every single aspect of the transaction at hand. Our professional and experienced service is guaranteed to satisfy our clients’ every business and/or transactional need.

Most ventures, regardless of the industry or scope of investment, face difficulty navigating the complexities of the real estate business. A full grasp of the local laws and regulations is essential to securing strategies for effective management and risk reduction.

Yerman & Associates LLC is comprised of an experienced network of U.S attorneys, equipped with the requisite legal background and economic expertise to provide our clients with the best counsel possible. For every facet of real estate development – regarding litigation, leasing, or taxes, our attorneys are equipped with a wealth of relevant experience; we regularly work with real estate contracts, investment, the purchase, lease, and sale of residences, mortgage rates, housing transfers, property listings, and research of sale history. We specialize in the establishment, transfer, merging, and reorganization of real estate in the process of bankruptcy. We provide legal assessments and documents relating to the drafting and negotiation of development projects.

Due to the numerous differences in property law between China and the various American states, it is highly advisable to seek professional legal guidance in this complicated area of the law. Yerman & Associates LLC works tirelessly to exhaust all possibilities, and match our advice to our client’s commercial needs.