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We provide simple, profitable, and effective legal solutions to complicated business situations. Our operation is based on our firm’s dedication to professionalism and thorough attention to detail, focusing on every single aspect of the transaction at hand. Our professional and experienced service is guaranteed to satisfy our clients’ every business and/or transactional need.

Yerman & Associates LLC specializes in all types of commercial litigation, including, but not limited to real estate transactions, equity trading and disputes, applications for liquor license, company formation, various types of contracts, property transfers, and/or mortgage transfers. Over the years, our strong knowledge base has allowed us to help our clients achieve a wide range of long-term and short-term changes in the management and operation of their enterprises.

Under U.S. law, individuals have the right to sue any company that does not fulfill their contractual obligations. Yerman & Associates LLC has helped many such individuals exercise this right, providing the requisite professional guidance and international services to achieve satisfactory results. Most recently, we filed suit on behalf of a Hong Kong firm, helping them secure compensation for a violation in the funding agreement of an American company. The attorneys at Yerman & Associates LLC view every case as an opportunity to build expertise and improve our handling skills. In order to mitigate risk, we aim to provide our clients with the utmost support and protection throughout the litigation process. We also represent clients in complex litigation disputes, including the conversion of civil to criminal proceedings.

Above all, the team at Yerman & Associates cherishes our clients’ trust, immediate needs, and personal preferences. We are willing to extend our resources to the utmost in order to obtain satisfactory results for our clients.