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We provide simple, profitable, and effective legal solutions to complicated business situations. Our operation is based on our firm’s dedication to professionalism and thorough attention to detail, focusing on every single aspect of the transaction at hand. Our professional and experienced service is guaranteed to satisfy our clients’ every business and/or transactional need.

If you are looking for a 5% to 8% annual rate of return in connection with investment in the real estate market, Yerman & Associates, LLC—who has worked with numerous real estate agents in New York—can provide you with professional project consultation geared toward helping you seek more effective investment opportunities.

There are many required legal documents and procedures in connection with real estate transactions in New York. Yerman & Associates, LLC will use our considerable experience and extensive cooperative relationships to provide you with detailed—yet simple—explanations regarding the legal ramifications of your investment.

Our knowledgeable team in New York and nationwide will provide you with legal consultations, support, and service regarding real estate for private use, investment, and residential and commercial purposes.

If you are interested in franchise investment opportunities Yerman & Associates, LLC can also provide you with many options. We will cater our consultation in accordance with your adversity to risk, and arrange one-on-one interviews for you with various franchise district heads in order to better customize your potential investment.

Some franchise projects can provide you with investment-base immigration opportunities. The precondition here, however, is that these projects comply with USCIS’s investment-based immigration criteria. Yet, it is certainly possible to invest in a profitable enterprise while gaining your green card at the same time, as well as to develop your business in the United States through business and/or investment-based immigration. Fortunately, this field of business and investment-based immigration is also one of our firm’s specialties.

Some such industries to consider while planning your investment include technology, catering, supermarkets, and car/livery services. If you are interested in these sorts of investment projects, Yerman & Associates, LLC can provide you with detailed and pertinent reference material.