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Senior Lawyer
Our success is based on a joint effort of all Yerman & Associates, LLC’s employees. We provide a vocational training system for employees in order to continuously improve their professional skills and overall performance quality. At our firm, groups of young people grow into excellent lawyers.

Job qualifications

  • Senior Lawyer

    1. J.D. and/or LL.M from well-known and accredited law school, large firm experience preferred;
    2. Practicing lawyer with more than 5 years practice;
    3. Handle cases independently, experience handling difficult cases if preferred;
    4. High degree of self-confidence and sense of responsibility on the job, excellent work ethic;
    5. Team spirit, subject to arrangements from superiors;
    6. Practice experience in financial, criminal, real estate, immigration services, civil law, or related fields. Please indicate business familiarity and employment expectations in your resume.

Send applications to info@yermangroup.com (job title in subject)